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Add a hero

Name Might Will Fate Wounds Faction

Instructions: Enter hero name and statline into input, and hit 'Add Hero' to create a reference card. Click a Hero's attribute (e.g. Might, Will, Fate) value as you consume them to decrement by a point on the reference card. You can restore a stat by pressing the + button under the relevant attribute value, up to the previously entered maximum.

Previously entered Heroes will appear in the drop down above the 'Add Hero' button, and selecting one from this list will automatically populate the Add Hero form with their previous stats. You can remove a Hero template from this list by clicking the 'X' button next to the drop down.

You can supply a starting model count for the Good and Evil factions in the (optional) Break Point tracker at the top of the page. Click the Casualties count to increment this. The tracker will inform you if either warband is broken or under 25% starting model count. Note that if you dismiss the tracker, you can get it back by simply refreshing the page.

Clicking an individual Hero's 'Kills' stat will increment it. If the Hero has been given a Faction (i.e. Good or Evil) then incrementing their Kills will automatically increment the opposing factions Casualties.

The Undo button can be used to correct any misclicks or finger slips. The Reset button will restore every hero back to starting values and reset all Kills and Casualties back to 0.

Heroes and stats should persist between page refreshes and sessions (although the 'Undo' stack will not). If you want to clear a card, press the X button next to it.

Any feedback or feature requests? Leave me a comment over on my blog!

You can check the changelog in the page source, if you're interested in that sort of thing.