My name is Michael Hanns and I am a miniature wargamer and hobbyist. My focus is mostly on the Horus Heresy and Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game systems from Games Workshop, though I’ve played my fair share of their mainline Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. I’ve also got a real soft spot for their Specialist Games, especially Blood Bowl.

My infatuation with miniature wargaming dates back to my childhood in the late 90s, when a friend introduced me to the art and miniatures of 3rd Edition Warhammer 40,000. From the moment I stepped sheepishly into the Games Workshop with my mother to buy my first paint and models set, I was hooked. I played a number of armies across 3rd-4th Edition 40K and 6th Edition Fantasy before taking a hiatus that lasted a little over a decade.

This is actual price I (read: my mum) paid, too. Photo of the back here. Both photos courtesy of Jamie Hutber – nice guy, great blog.

This blog began somewhere between 18 months and 2 years since I jumped feet first back into the hobby, and I use it primarily as an outlet to discuss and chart my hobby progress, as well as a place to occasionally dump my thoughts or opinions on the broad topic of miniature wargaming in general.

I really love writing this blog. I consider it a part of my miniature wargaming hobby – and absolutely not a job. That’s why you’ll never see any obnoxious banner ads, clickbait or irritating pop-up adverts here. But if you enjoy my blog – whether it inspires or helps you kill some time on your lunch hour – please consider making your next order of miniatures and/or hobby supplies from Element Games using my affiliate link. It costs you nothing extra, and I get a little kickback from it which I can use to buy more miniatures for myself – win-win! For double Crystals, my promo-code is MIC6931.

The logo for my blog was drawn by the immensely talented Wolf Mask. I’m wearing a Miniac Paint More Minis snapback in it, which you can buy here (no affiliation, just a fan).

If you like (or hate) anything you see or read here, please feel free to get in touch via email – my address is: complaints (at) michaelhanns.com

Thanks for reading, and happy wargaming!

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