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Ever get sick of having to write-down your Heroes Might/Will/Fate statlines before every game of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game? Annoyed with keeping tally with a pen and paper, or laying out your dice on hand-written grids and/or widgets?

Do you ever wish there was something that you could set up on your phone or tablet instead?

Me too. Lucky for us, it’s simple enough to program that I just went and did it.

Open it in any web browser at http://www.sbgherotracker.com or read on for more information!

Now also available for Android devices on the Google Play Store!

Screenshot of the Hero Tracker in action (on Firefox for Windows)

The Middle-earth SBG Hero Stats Tracker is dead simple to use. To begin, simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page to add your Hero’s starting statline and (optional) faction. Once added, you can touch/click on the stat to reduce the value as you expend Might, lose Wounds, etc. The Hero’s statline will grey out when their Wounds are reduced to 0 to make it easier to keep track of who is still in the fight.

You can restore a depleted Stat or Wound by clicking the + icon beneath the stat should you have your Wounds healed or any other stat restored in game through spell or scenario.

The (optional) Break Point Tracker can keep note of your total model count and any Casualties taken for calculating whether your army is broken or below 25% strength. You can even keep score of how many kills your individual Hero models make and – if given a faction – the tracker will automatically update the opposing factions Casualties.

The Tracker will also persist your Heroes stats between sessions and/or should you close or refresh the window accidentally. There’s even an undo button to correct any misclicks or finger slips, and a Reset button to restore your starting statlines and reset the casualty counter between games – especially handy for tournament play.

This tool wouldn’t be half as useful as it is now without feedback from the community, so please feel free to drop a comment on this post or email me at complaints(at)michaelhanns.com with any comments/criticisms/feature requests. Hopefully you find this tool as useful for your games of Middle-earth SBG as I do!

As always, thanks for reading, and happy wargaming!

2 thoughts on “Middle-earth Hero Tracker Tool

  1. Well have to say I’ve scoured the internet and found your efforts and don’t know if anyone else has. This is exactly what I wanted, seeing that there is no manner anywhere to get this info together. So thank you so very much.
    I do have a request….
    Could you possibly add a line below each HERO name (in the same box) which has the Mv F S D A C this would make it so much easier and allow the game to flow so much easier for my friends and I.
    I don’t know how hard this is for you to implement?

    Kindest Regards Mate


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ross – I’m glad you’re finding my app helpful!

      Allowing stats to be entered for reference is definitely something I could see being useful, I’ll take this into consideration for future versions. Thanks again!

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